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Cleaning services for hotels

Which factors we are guided with when choosing hotels or hostels? Comfortable location, nice interior, good price… But no matter how beautiful look or advantageous price it will have, we won’t stay in a hotel with untidy rooms, space, bathrooms and laundry.

Cleaning of hotels in Baku is another mostly required and popular service, presented by BestCleaning. Difference to other types of cleaning services, cleanup of hotels has its own tips and quirks of performing and maintenance the neatness. Taking this into consideration, we provide cleaning services according with plan, based on daily schedule of hotel guests and coordinating the service time with this schedule.

Housekeeping at the hotel includes the following cleaning services:
· Daily cleanup service made according to individually selected time;
· Ventilation and air conditioning facilities;
· Gathering of garbage;
· Removal and replacement of dirty linen, towels, bathrobes and other;
· Dry and wet cleaning of floor coverings, carpets;
· Removing of dust from the surfaces of furniture;
· Sanitary cleaning bathroom;
· Upgrading and renewing of used equipment.

In addition to daily cleaning of hotel rooms, we are also running the clean-out of the room after outgoing of the guests. This service include total cleanup of the room, cleaning of walls, furniture, doors, windows, etc. In one word, we will prepare the rooms without a trace of previous guests.